Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mural Day Five: Artists Work Day

The volunteer artist team spent another five hours at the co-op today to work towards the finishing touches on the mural. While there is still some work to day (talk about incredible dedication from these volunteers), as more and more detail is added, the more sweet smelling the flowers become; the more juicy looking the peppers look; and everything is starting to pop out of the wall. Even if you drove by last week, you'll want to cruise by again this week to see the difference.

And, the mural is generating a lot of excitement in the neighborhood. A near east side neighbor said that the mural and the grocery were all the talk during church this morning. A dozen kids stopped by to see what was happening and learned about some new vegetables. A group of neighbors stopped by anxious to volunteer. A Latino priest rode by on his bike and asked about ways he could get his parish involved with the co-op.

And, this week, our membership has grown to 264!  That means that we have only 36 memberships to go to meet our store opening goal of 300. This community-owned grocery store is progressing, one member, one volunteer, one donation at a time.