Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Community-Owned, Community-Supported!!!

Late last week, the Indy Food Co-op learned of a grant opportunity through the City of Indianapolis - some leftover Community Development Block Grant dollars from 2009 that needed to be spent on worthwhile community efforts.  So, the board and staff pulled together to complete the lengthy application. And, while that effort is greatly appreciated, there are lots more thanks to go around....

A HUGE thanks to Tammi Hughes at East 10th Street for again being our fiscal agent and working to pull information into the application;

A tremendous thank you also goes to the many people and groups who wrote letters of support for us with 24 hours at best and a few hours at worst notice. Please thank these amazing partners when you see them. Those groups include:

  • Englewood Community Development Corporation, Joe Bowling and David Price
  • Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center, Josh Bowling
  • Near East Side Community Organization, Chip Gibson
  • Super Bowl Legacy Committee and John H Boner Center, James Taylor
  • City-County Councillor Brian Mahern
  • Indy-east Asset Development, Katy Brett
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Sara Van Slambrook
  • Community Development Law Center, Shelia Jenkins and Kim Huizinger
  • CODO Design, Cody Fague
  • Architecture for Humanity, Teo Chun-Sheh
  • Cottage Home Neighborhood Association, Maribeth Bailey

Suffice it to say that the list contains the names of lots and lots of busy people who basically dropped everything to help us out, and we simply cannot thank them enough! 

Now, cross your fingers and toes that we get this grant award!

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