Friday, January 22, 2010

Order Your Garden Seeds and Support Indy Food Co-op!

It's definitely winter, but spring is just around the corner and many of you do plant starts in cold frames or indoors in the early months of the year. With the gardening boom last year, some seed companies ran out of seeds early in the season. Want to beat the rush and start thinking about spring plantings now while supporting an Indiana business and the co-op?

You can order local, organic and earth-friendly seeds and supplies and help support the Indy Food Co-op at the same time. Visit: and click on the banner ad at the top for Nature's Crossroads and start shopping. For every order made through our website, 25% of the purchase price comes back to the co-op.

Check out seed packets, seed collections, and gardening kits for a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs! And, start growing your own fresh, local food!

P.S. Nature's Crossroads has no way of tracking purchases to the co-op if they are not made through the co-op website. So, if you browse now and purchase later, please be sure to enter back through to make your purchases!

P.S.S. Share this info with friends and family you think might be interested!


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t's certainly winter, but spring is just near to the corner and several of you do plant starts in chilly frames or indoors within your earlier weeks belonging toward year.
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