Friday, January 15, 2010

Co-op Introduces New GM and other news

A note from Pogue's Run Grocer's new General Manager who began employment on January 4:

Dear Co-op Members and Supporters:

Thank you for the opportunity to be your general manager for Pogue’s Run Grocer. I have long been passionate for fresh, healthful, consciously produced foods. I dug my first vegetable garden in my parents’ backyard as a youth, then began using food-based home remedies for health and wellness in my teens. My first job at age fourteen was stocking produce at O’Malia’s. Since the early days I have worked for sustainable, organic, and permaculture farms, farmers’markets, and natural foods stores, rising to management in both agriculture and retail. Additionally, I pursued training as a community herbalist and offer services and products related to whole foods nutrition and medicinal plants.

I have been intrigued by interesting happenings in Indianapolis in the area of urban agriculture and sustainable food networks. I grow much of my own food and gather more from wild plants. Naturally, when I learned that a food cooperative was forming I was eager to be a part of it; I decided then that I wanted to be the manager. Spreading knowledge and awareness about food and health choices is part of my personal mission, and Pogue’s Run Grocer offers me a great opportunity to do so. I look forward to offering you the best fresh, local, and organic food available in Indianapolis; I look forward to being a resource for the community as well.

Sincere thanks, Greg Monzel

Store Update
With over $200,000 in grants secured, the Indy Food Co-op is well on it's way to getting your community-owned grocery opened this year. Some electrical work has been completed on the building, a contractor has been selected to remove a portion of the flooring, equipment is under consideration, management staff is hired, and an interior design plan is nearly complete by probono partners Architecture for Humanity We are still seeking funding for inventory and operating capital, and member loan commitments are being followed up this month. Anyone interested in considering a member loan to the co-op, please contact Greg at: 317.677.2076.

Membership Continues
Membership in the Indy Food Co-op continues to grow. Currently we have 231 members, growing at about two memberships each week. Please help us spread the word of membership benefits in Indy's only community-owned grocery store by sharing information with friends and family. Help friends understand the difference between the co-op and all these ads that say that the national chains are our "hometown grocer" or our "neighborhood grocer", while they send your grocery dollars out of state and don't support local farmers, local products or sustainable farming practices. Consider hosting a "friend-raising" event at your home where you invite friends over to learn more about the co-op with the help of the IFC board. A very special thanks to IFC members Mark and Sarah Hudson, who are hosting the first friend-raising event at their home on January 30.

Volunteers Sought
Indy Food Co-op is seeking volunteers with the following skills to give your community grocer:
  • Web developer to develop a Pogue's Run Grocer website that would compliment the Indy Food Co-op site
  • Volunteer coordinator to help us keep track of those interested in volunteering for the co-op and helping recruit volunteers for various activities.
Additional volunteer opportunities for volunteer workdays at the store will be released soon.

Upcoming Events
IFC will be staffing an exhibit booth at the following events:
  • February 6, 9 am - noon - Near East Side Community Organization (NESCO) Congress
  • April 25, 11 am - 4 pm - Earth Day Indiana Festival, downtown Indianapolis
Please stop by to say hello or let us know if you'd like to help staff the booth.

Yard Signs Available Soon
To help us spread the word about the Indy Food Co-op, one member suggested that we purchase yard signs for members to put in their yard to proudly and publicly display membership and encourage folks to learn more. Those interested in getting a sign for their yard, please send a note to me at and we will get one to you as soon as they are produced.

Supporting Local Farming Directly
Now is the time to sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, if interested in supporting a farmer to grow food for your family. Big City Farms, Balanced Harvest Farm, Blooming Gardens, Hoosier Organic Connection, Seldom Seen Farm, Valentine Hill Farm and Victory Acres are all seeking CSA shareholders now. Find a complete list and contact information at:

Slow Food Indy Holds Annual Meeting
Join our partners in local foods, Slow Food Indy, for their annual meeting and pitch-in dinner on January 17 from 2 - 5 pm at Earth House (237 East Street, Indy). It will include a preserved and canned food swap, a brief business meeting, entertainment and more. For details, check out:

Senate Bill Pushing Local Foods
Thanks to co-op member Margaret Banning for letting us know that Senate Bill 194 has been introduced in this legislative short session. It's a bill that establishes the local and organic food and farm task force to create a plan to expand and support a local and organic food system. On January 5, 2010, is received its first reading and was referred to Committee on Agriculture and Small Business. Learn more or follow legislation at:


Jovian Mons said...

Hi, my name is Tyler and I live here in Indy. I'd like to follow you on Twitter.
Do you have a Twitter page set up? If not, you may want to do that soon. Its very easy to speak to/ hear from your community through that tool.

julie l rhodes said...

Tyler: We don't yet have a Twitter page, but thank you for your interest in following our progress. We'll try to get that done in the near future. Hope you'll stay connected with the co-op!

- Indy Food Co-op/Pogue's Run Grocer

julie l rhodes said...

Find us on Twitter now -