Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ready for Spring Planting - Order Seeds Today

The warm, sunny days remind us that spring is just around the corner! Have you been dreaming about what you will plant in your garden this year? Now is the time to place an order for your seeds, and what better way to prepare than to order seeds from Nature's Crossroads through the Indy Food C0-op? By ordering your seeds through, 25% of your purchase will come back to support the co-op. So, why not do your part to support healthy, local eating, by growing your own food this year -- and at the same time, you will be supporting a local company and a local non-profit by ordering through Fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. Check it the fabulous selection of seeds today!

P.S. In order for Indy Food Co-op to benefit, you must order through the website. If you look now but purchase later, please remember to re-enter the website through the co-op website.

P.S.S. Please share this information with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers!

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