Friday, November 20, 2009

Indy Food Co-op/Pogue’s Run Grocery Fundraiser
Now through November 30th

Wondering how you can help the co-op, help the planet and get your holiday shopping done?

Check out the Green Fundraising Indiana site at GREEN FUNDRAISING CATALOG
and share this fabulous catalog of green products with your friends and family, or start your
own holiday shopping early,
and help us raise some cash for the co-op.

All items in the catalog are made right here in Indiana by artisans who care about the planet, and best of all, every $15 order placed will put $5 directly into the coop startup fund!

Please contact Dawn Charbonneau at, or call 612-372-3009, today for details and to place your orders before NOVEMBER 30th!!!

Thanks for your help and support!

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